Drapery Curtains Cleaning

Expert Drapery and Curtains Cleaning: A Multi-Stage Procedure for Sparkling Results

Are your drapery and curtains looking dull and worn out? Professional cleaning can make a world of difference! Our expert team uses a multi-stage procedure to ensure your window treatments are thoroughly cleaned and fresh.

Our Multi-Stage Cleaning Process:

First, we inspect the fabric to determine the best cleaning method. Next, we pre-treat any stains or spots to loosen dirt and grime. Then we dry pre-vacuum it and then, we use a gentle steam-extraction process to remove dirt and dust from the fabric.

During the steam-extraction process, we use a specialized machine that injects hot water and steam into the fabric, agitating the dirt and grime. The machine then extracts the dirt and water, leaving the fabric clean and fresh.

After steam-extraction, we rinse the fabric with clean water to remove any remaining dirt and soap residue. We also check for any remaining stains and apply additional treatment if necessary.

Protection for your drapery

Our team also offers additional services like stain protection and sanitizing to keep your drapery and curtains looking their best.

Trust our experts to bring new life to your window treatments with our comprehensive cleaning procedure. With our expert drapery and curtains cleaning service, you can enjoy sparkling clean windows and a fresher home.

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